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Terms of Service


This is a contract between Don’s Lawn and Maintenance Service and you the consumer. If you elect to terminate this contract before the expiration date listed on your contract or contracted services, any and all balances on this account must be paid ten days after written notice is obtained. The Contractor reserves the right to charge you an early termination fee of $100.00 or the remaining balance on the contract. In order to accept your business, it is understood that the Contractor has declined other opportunities which could have been accepted. The company reserves the right to make mid-season changes to the agreed upon rate in the event of an unexpected rise in fuel costs. We have figured our rates based on an average $3.75 per gallon of fuel. Should the cost maintain $4.00 per gallon for more than 2 consecutive weeks, a fuel surcharge of 5.00 a month may be added to subsequent billing.

1. Leaf removals will be scheduled one per day unless they are curb side removals only and in same area, or small yards. Then they may be scheduled 2 to 4 per day.

2. My schedule usually consists of mowing 9 to 10 lawns per day and I allot 2 hours per lawn. Sometimes there are exceptions such as a large acreage property or several small properties close together, like in a neighborhood or area of town, or time consuming jobs like landscaping and or any jobs that are not related to grass mowing.

3. Any and all other types of jobs scheduled will be based on an estimated time of completion and /or difficulty. These jobs, such as plumbing and /or other non-specified repairs will be based on a commitment based timeframe (however long as it takes to get it done). Jobs of this nature will be billed according to difficulty, specialization, rarity of parts (if needed). Any additional or unscheduled services agreed on by client and contractor will be billed outside of this contract separately. The charges will be added to your monthly statement or a separate invoice will be provided.

4. If a job is an emergency such as a plumbing leak, wastewater seepage, or carpentry it will be scheduled in a manner as to not interfere with everyday operations unless (in special circumstances) it will be required to be completed before personnel leave the premises. Some jobs simply cannot be completed in a specified time due to certain circumstances such as business traffic (mostly in stores and offices) availability of parts, weather, and or difficulty of repair. These jobs will be discussed with customer at that time to ensure a timely and seamless completion of services in order for that business to continue its operations unhindered, and in a safe environment.

5. All Jobs whether they be large or small will be based on service area (the distance between each property) that way Don’s Lawn & Maintenance Service can give the most service for the least cost. If we can do our jobs with less expense the savings are passed on to the customer.

6. All jobs bid upon will be subject to price change due to any unforeseen difficulties that may arise because of topography of property, weather conditions and general unforeseen difficulties, Examples; Yard to be mowed is on the side of a mountain or Hillock that is a dangerous angle for powered mowers. (Example 1); Large/mean guard dogs are preventing access to work area.(Example 2) Bid is out of date all bids are good for thirty days. Anything that is 31 days out is subject to be rebid. (Example 3); Environmental hazards such as animal fecal matter, Human garbage, or criminal elements preventing safe execution of work bid upon.

7. Any and all special requests of work being done must be discussed prior to arrival upon property and/or before work begins, such as picking up garbage and debris from the designated area and around the work area (sometimes if there is a significant amount of said garbage or debris, a extra fee will be charged for doing so) most times if there is just a little bit of trash or yard debris we do not charge for that service.

8. Children’s Toys, Automobiles and other large items commonly found on properties will not be moved or placed out of the way, However kids toys trash, yard furniture, debris, picnic tables, planters, dog toys in excessive amounts will be moved calculated at $60.00 an hour. ( Example) If we spend 15 min moving things $15.00 dollars will be added to your invoice.

9. Specialty work such as maintenance on structures will be discussed with the tenant’s availability during this work period in mind. We prefer Tenant's and/or landlords to be present if any indoor work is needed as to prevent any mistrust or misunderstanding between tenant and our company. We are honest hard working people who do not wish our reputations to be tarnished by one misunderstanding or any type of altercation. We find the landlord or the tenant’s presence prevents this possible scenario.

10. If for some reason we have to mow around cars in the yard, Toys, or other possibly damaged yard decor (glass globes in birdbaths/Etc.) we do not claim and will not claim any responsibility for such damage. However we are Insured with a $300,000 policy. If any reasonable damage has occurred to any automobile or structure we are fully capable of taking care of the situation.

11.Trash removal, and other debris such as trees , tree limbs , in excessive amounts, junk cars, dilapidated sheds and other items of this nature will be discussed beforehand and a timeframe/cost will be divulged at that time.

12. Please remember that Lawn care, landscaping, Tree trimming and almost every aspect of our work is directly impacted by the weather and its unpredictable nature may cause rescheduling and time restraints that may prevent us from getting to you at the previously mentioned/agreed upon time. If you have signed  a contract for lawn care and the weather changes you will still be responsible for paying that contracted amount. (Example)  If you sign and  lawn contract and the weather changes to drought conditions you will still be responsible for that contract to be paid on time every week or every two weeks according to your contract. Our Policy is to immediately scramble to catch up and regain our timely scheduled work periods. In case of such an emergency, rescheduling such as weather restrictions, employee health, and Equipment Failure maintenance. We sincerely apologize for any delay and will endeavor to excel at recovering your confidence.

13. We strive for customer satisfaction on a daily basis as happy customers mean repeat business and referrals. However if you have a customer complaint it must be done in writing only. We will correct your complaint in thirty days. If your complaint has not been rectified in thirty days you have the right to cancel any contracts that you and Don's Lawn & Maintenance Service has agreed on. The contractor, Don’s Lawn & Maintenance Service, also has the same rights if we have put in a complaint in writing you will have thirty days to rectify or your contract can be canceled. If you have an outstanding Balance with Don's Lawn & Maintenance Service it must be paid in full before your contracts can be terminated. (Example) If we have a lawn contract and you are for any reason unhappy with us and have done this with no correction, and we have mowed or performed any work on your property the previous month you must still pay for work that has been done on your property. Unless other arrangements have been made by Don's Lawn & Maintenance Service in writing.

14. All services are COD AND CREDIT WILL NOT BE GIVEN TO ANYONE FOR ANY REASON. Any and all Invoices need to be paid the day of service or its considered late. A late Fee of 5% will be added to your account per day . ( Compounded Daily ) Until paid in full. 
Lawn mowing will be paid for in advance or you will be skipped that day. I give you lots of options to pay. You may pay on the website or on the Don's Lawn & Maintenance Service App. Or leave a  check for that days service if you will not be home.  No makeup days will be allowed and you will be charged under the contract even if you have been skipped for nonpayment that day, and late fees will be added 24 hours after non payment. The next mow will be billed extra if the grass is high and has not been mowed since the skipped non payment service, the price of that next service will have half of your contracted amount added and must be paid the day of service. (Example) ( If your contracted amount every two weeks is $60.00 per cut your next service will have $30.00 dollars added to that days service. That would make your payment for that days service $90.00 dollars.)   After two non payments your contract will be due in full and all services will be suspended permanently. A lean may be placed on your property until all services are paid in full.

15. If after entering this agreement, you decide that you want to maintain the lawn yourself or decide that your tenant will be responsible for lawn maintenance, you will still be obligated to pay the fees owed for the remainder of the contract.

We do offer specials on neighborhood and friend referral!!! We offer a 10% discount on your next bill for your referral!!! Refer us today and get your gift Certificate. We Value our customers as a family values its relations, and we hope to be a big family someday, helping our friends and neighbors for many, many years to come. Thank you for Your Business.

By accepting this contract you have read and understand all terms listed above. If you decide to sell your house any and all balances must be paid in full thirty days prior to closing. I must be notified in writing of closing date time and location.

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