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Wednesday, 04 January 2017 03:56

Lawn Tips

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Lawn Care Tips

This section will provide some useful lawn maintenance tips:

Mowing Your Grass:

  • Raise the mower deck to cut the grass higher rather than cutting it short. You should cut at or on two to two and a half inches in height. The upper portion of the grass carries more nutrients to the roots helping the grass grow better. Thicker roots mean less weeds. Taller grass also keeps sun off from soil preserving the water content.
  • To prevent the problem of falling over grass blades, mow the lawn for a second time changing the angle of the affected area.
  • Cut only 1/3 portion of the grass at a time. Doing more than that isn’t good for the grass.
  •  Sharpening of mower blades regularly would prevent your lawn grass from tearing and splitting. This in turn would prevent the grass from infection and diseases. Besides, sharpening the blade would make it easier for you to mow quickly. 
  • Try not to mow the grass when it’s wet.
  • It’s important to change the lawn mower's oil at least once during the mowing season.
  • If possible, mow your lawn in a different direction with each mowing. Altering the direction ensures the grass blades grow more Straight and don’t follow a set pattern.

Grass Clippings:

  • Grass clippings contain 10% nitrogen that is the main ingredient of fertilizers. Thus you can consider mulching those grass clippings to decompose and provide the necessary nitrogen for a better grass growth. Mulched grass clippings also provide shade to the soil and prevent weeds and seeds from germinating.
  • Ideally, the mulch layer should be approximately one to three inches deep. However, for ornamental plants, a one inch layer is sufficient enough. As the mulch starts decomposing add more to maintain the best depth.
  • Do not mulch right up to the base of trees and shrubs, as it could cause decay and injury. Leave a ring around the base of the tree or shrub.
  • A healthy mulch mixture can consist of shredded hardwood bark or cypress, pine needles, and pine bark pieces.


  • It is very important to keep the right pH balance of the soil of your lawn. A soil that is only slightly acidic to neutral is good for most turf grasses while weeds thrive on more acidic or alkaline soils.
  • Use a soil test kit to determine the pH level of your lawn soil. If your lawn has naturally acidic soil you may use lime or wood ash to neutralize it. It is advisable to aim at improving the pH balance gradually to the desired levels and should be done over a few applications.
  • Aerating your lawn at regular intervals is very important for the soil. This helps the soil and the roots to absorb air, water and nutrients. If your not shure of the pH balance of your soil than you should do a soil sample to determine the pH balance so the you can maintain it correctly.


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