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Wednesday, 04 January 2017 01:34

Electrical Frequently Asked Questions

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Here are some answers to frequently asked electrical questions:
  • What is a GFI?
A GFI is an abbreviation for Ground Fault Interrupter, a specially designed outlet usually used in wet locations. This ensures protection from electrical shock. The GFI trips when there is more resistance from either of the loads. GFI installation is a must for kitchens, baths and laundry areas.
  • Are round fuses safer than circuit breakers?
Fuses are usually more sensitive than circuit breakers and are safer to use. But circuit breakers are preferred for two reasons – first, when the fuse is used to protect your home from overload circuits, it cannot be reused. Therefore making it more expensive to use. The second reason why circuit breakers are considered safer is because more insurance companies now require fuse boxes to be replaced with circuit breakers.
  • When I try to put my dimmer off, it is usually very hot. Can this be a safety hazard?
Dimmers are rated on the basis of how many watts they are designed to handle. If the dimmer has to operate to its fullest capacity, it heats up. Few dimmers have metal fins to dissipate heat. You can choose to either use a high-rated dimmer or reduce the wattage connected to the dimmer to prevent the dimmer from excessive heat.
Recessed lights sometimes stay on for a while and then go off on their own. What could be the possible reason for this?
Recessed lights are supplied with a thermal overload. Since the fixture is inside the ceiling, it is important to ensure that excessive heat from the bulbs does not cause a fire. The thermal overload is designed to act as a thermometer – when the heat reaches the preset temperature, it will disconnect the electrical power and will light up once the temperature drops. As an alternative, using lower wattage lamps is a consideration, as they generate less heat.
  • Is it fine to use a dimmer with fluorescent lights?
Yes, but make sure you use a dimmer and light fixture that is designed or rated for fluorescent lights. The new lights are called T8 Bulbs. Make sure you have a light fixture that uses those new T8 bulbs, if not it’s time to upgrade because the old bulbs can be very hard to find.
  • My fluorescent light flickers a lot. What could be the reason?
You one of the bulbs may be out or damaged replace the bulbs first. If tube still flickers the internal ballast is out and needs replaciing you find it cheaper to replace the whole fixture instead of just the ballast.
  • Energy Saving Tips:
Use all Fluorescent bulbs or the newest is LED in all your lighting needs.
  • Second: Upgrade all your switches to Photo cell or Motion Detector Technology. I’m sure you’ve heard your friends and parents say turn the lights out when you leave the room, these switches do that for you so you can’t forget to turn them off.
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