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Wednesday, 04 January 2017 02:04

Electrical Safety Tips

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According to the Consumer Products Safety Commission, more than 450,000 residential fires occur every year. One third are due to problems in a home’s electrical system.
Some of the causes of electric fires:
Old wiring
Misuse of extension cords
Faulty electrical appliances
Overuse of electricity, especially around Christmas
Short circuit and poor maintenance
Electrical wiring problems cause twice as many fires as faulty electrical appliances.

The following safety measures can reduce the risk of an electrical fire:
  • If your house is very old, hire a licensed and competent electrician to have the entire wiring updated.
  • Use extension cords sensibly – never run the cords under rugs or in places where they run the risk of being crushed, stepped on or pulled.
  • Ensure not to overload outlets. If you feel the need to add more outlets, hire an electrician.
  • Have your electric circuits checked to ensure they are not overloaded.
  • Make sure to unplug electrical appliances such as toasters, coffee makers and microwave ovens when not in use.
  • When doing holiday decorations, ensure a safe environment by monitoring circuits to check if they are overloaded.
Safety Tips for Your Home:
  • Use the right light bulbs in all lamps and light fixtures.
  • Don’t tie or knot cords. Also make sure the furniture doesn’t sit on cords.
  • Unplug toaster ovens, coffee makers and hair dryers and other small appliances after using them.
  • The electrical outlet in the bathroom should have a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI.)This protects you and your loved ones from a dangerous shock when water and electricity come together. Ask your electrician to install a GFCI at your home.
  • My oulet don't work? 
  • Check the appliance your trying to use in another oulet if it work than its  the plug that could be bad, plugs run in series and some times one won't work than some times if one don't work than none on that wall or room won't work. DON'T  TRY TO FIX YOURSELF. Call a local electrician or a qualified handy man to fix.
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