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Wednesday, 04 January 2017 02:53

Carpet Cleaning Tips

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                                 This section will answer some Questions about Carpet Cleaning.

      Some times your carpet, & furniture gets dirty or soiled from use and it needs cleaning from time to time. Or if you're like me you have an oops every now and then.
    You ask, what can I do to get this carpet clean and keep it that way?
   Well, friends, this is what I know about cleaning your carpet.
Your carpet is woven and has a backing on it so that way it can breeth from the pad to the carpet so when you spill something  it goes in deep if you don't get it up quickly it goes all the way to the pad and then you got a stain that just won't go away no matter what you do or use to clean it, i know cause i'v had lots of oops especialy with kid's lol. The best way to clean your carpet is to use a non residue cleaner. If you have to hire some one to clean it they need to use a non residue cleaner also so the is no residue or hardness left after the job is done.

   I would'nt  hire a steam cleaner to clean my carpet i would use a company that uses the dry foam method only.
  Here is why i say this, if your capet is woven and has a backing that has holes in it where does all that water go? To the pad where else can it go? So with that said i have a question for you. Can i put your shirt on the floor and inject it with water after i do that do you think i can vacume that water out of that shirt?  Its not likely to happen there is no vacume that is stong enough to get that shirt dry and left to dry normally it will take several hours for it to dry. Now i have another question for you. If it takes more than one hour to dry what starts to grow in that shirt or carpet or Pad? MOLD THAT RIGHT MOLD.
  Mold starts to build and form in the first hour that something is left wet It takes several hours to form completly but who wants to take that chance see it what you can't see that can be worse than than the fix.


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