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Wednesday, 04 January 2017 02:58

Lawn Mower Frequently Asked Questions

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 This section will answer some of your question's on your lawn mower.
  • Q: Why is My lawn mower hard to start:
    A:  There are several common reasons why a lawn mower might be hard to start: 1) low oil pressure, 2) a fowled spark plug, 3) a flooded cylinder, 4) a clogged fuel line, and 5) a clogged air intake. Check the oil first to make sure the reservoir is full. If the oil level is okay, remove the spark plug to check it for fowling. If the plug is black or burnt then it needs to be replaced. If the spark plug is wet, the cylinder might be flooded with gas (smell test the spark plug for gas odor). Dry it off and let the gas evaporate out of the cylinder. If the plug is fowled, you can try cleaning the spark plug with a wire brush, but this will be just a temporary fix. You should replace the spark plug every season depending how often you use your mower. Some people cut their grass every week and some every two weeks. Many mowers have a gasoline filter that can become clogged. Check the filter by letting gas flow through it in the correct direction. Some gas filters can be temporarily fixed by running gas or air through them in a reverse flow direction, but I recommend changing rather than attempting to fix them. Finally, check the air filter.  Many mowers have a very simple air filter (essentially a fine mesh covering the carburator intake).  Others have more elaborate air filtration systems.  Check your owners manual for specific information about your model.
  •  Q: Why won't my mower start?
  •  Q: My mower cranks but won't start (spark plug not firing). What should I check to find out why?
    A: First you should check the fuel tank and fill if needed. If the gas is more than three months old it could be bad. Assuming the gas is good and the mower still won't start, take the spark plug out and check for fowling. If it's black or burnt or has a lot of residue on it, it's time to replace it. If it still won't start, the coil might be bad. Testing and replacing a coil is a bit more involved than the other likely solutions, so you might need to find a qualified shop or handyman to replace it.
  • Q: I let my mower sit in the garage all winter. Why won't it start ?
     A: This is a very common problem. In general, you should winterize your mower. To do so, first  clean your mower very well before putting it up for the winter. You should also go ahead and change the oil and grease it. Then drain the fuel out of your mower. If this is not possible then you should go to your local hardware store and get some fuel stabilizer so your fuel won't go bad.  Wither or not you have to use the fuel stabilizer, I suggest that you start your mower and let it run for about thirty minutes every month during the winter to charge the battery. If drained, simply add enough fuel so the mower will run out in about thirty minutes or so. Running a mower stored with stabilized fuel also helps to run the old fuel out of the carburator, so you keep fresh fuel in bowl of the carburetor. If you haven't winterized your mower, there is a good chance you will have to rebuild your carburetor much sooner than necessary. 
  •  Q: My mower starts and runs on choke only. Why?
    A: This is another common problem, caused by bad gas or letting your mower sit for too long without starting it.  Change the gas and check the spark plug for fowling. The problem is also caused by a dirty air filter or debris in the carburetor. The fix could be as simple and cheap as replacing the air filter or as expensive as rebuilding or replacing the carburator.   


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